Pirate Captains' Flag blanket - Thomas Tew
Pirate Captains' Flag blanket - Thomas Tew

Pirate Captains' Flag blanket - Thomas Tew

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Thomas Tew pirate flag blanket with cotton/poly blend Skulls & Crossbones back and edging fabric.  Polyester batting filled. Size 57" x 37".  Comes with a parchment with the folllowing information on this pirate captain:

                                             Thomas Tew

                                          American Privateer

                                              Died 1695

Thomas Tew was a famous pirate headquartered in Madagascar.  Under commission, Tew sailed in consort with Captain Dew from Barbados.  Tew and his crew turned pirate and sailed to the Red Sea.  There he encountered a richly-provisioned Indian ship and promptly attacked.  Prevailing in the battle, he took her as a prize.  The booty made each of Tew's crew members rich.  He made his way to back to America and settled down in Rhode Island.  Tew was now a wealthy man. With an honesty rarely encountered in those who pursued his trade, he kept a promise to his friends in Bermuda, who had originally set him up with a ship, and sent them fourteen times the original cost of the sloop as their share of the profits.  In the end Tew, found the call of the sea and the lure of the grand account irresistible.  He consented to take command of a pirate ship en route to the Red Sea.  Soon after his arrival, Tew attacked a large ship belonging to the Great Mogul and during the battle was mortally wounded.