Meet the Mountain Rogues!

Welcome to the Mountain Rogues & Farm website and shop!

Within these pages is information about us, which Faires and Festivals ye shall see us at, and the goods which we have for you to procure.  We handcraft the majority of these goods ourselves and we do mill our own lumber for the wooden game, decorative items and tables.

On the Farm end of things, Ruth will have fresh veggies, canned goods and will be adding a line of her own Herbal Tea blends!

RUTH  <aka: Bennet Archer or Countess de le Dwarf – at Faires & Festivals>


JAMIE <aka: Grimaold de Gallant – at Faires & Festivals>

...and AMANDA <aka: Delwyn Rustleleaves - at Faires & Festivals> who is now just concentrating on her new baby boy and her farm business, in Maine, Savage Forest Farm.