We (Ruth, Jamie & Amanda) started merchanting our wares at Renaissance & Medieval Faires, Pirate Festivals and *SCA events in 2004 as the Mountain Rogues.  Since then we have also been at Gaming Cons and added Farmers’ Markets and local events to our schedule.

*SCA            https://www.sca.org/

Wow! Such a variety of venues! But our interests are varied and it’s so much fun to be involved with such diverse options.

Some of our handcrafted items include period games in wood, fabric and paper; fabric covered Faire Lyric Books; Dice bags & pouches; Sea Monster & Mer-people notecards & wall decor; fabric Tote bags; wood tables and wall décor; Pirate and Medieval trimmed Christmas stockings.  Jamie is also making Wood beverage coolers that we'll be bringing to events!

We also have other items we bring to events - Pirates Captains' Flags with an info sheet on each Captain; Historical & Pirate themed playing cards; a variety of DND dice.

Jamie and Harold mill the lumber for the games, tables, wall décor and Jamie's wood coolers under his business name, Savage's Creative Endeavors.

On the Farm end of things, Ruth creates Salt Free Herb & Spice blends, relishes, pickles, jams and more.  She is working on some Herbal Mint Tea blends to add to our product line.  Our fresh veggies will be available, in season, at our farm and possible at some local Farmers’ Markets.

 Amanda is now living in Pennsylvania with her husband & two toddlers and has a farm with horses, cows, chickens, rabbits, pigs, goats and Harold's Native Shorthorn cows.